Grace Institute Brag Party

April 1st, 2017

WBC Volunteers Partner with Grace Institute Women to Learn the Art of the “Brag”

 Last month, 18 WBC members took part in a Brag Party with the Grace Institute, a grantee of WBC in its second year which provides tuition-free job training and job placement assistance for underserved women in the NYC metro area. The Brag Party, which was underwritten by WBC, is a fun, high-energy experience teaching Grace Women two of the most difficult “soft skills” for women to master—getting over the impostor syndrome and self-promotion. WBC participants and Grace Women gained strategies, tools, and techniques for conquering the little voice inside their head that whispers self-defeating thoughts and to learn how to toot their own horn about the great things they have accomplished. Participants compiled their greatest hits into their “Brag-a-logue.”

To see the transformation of the Grace women in four hours is nothing short of amazing. To play a role in the Grace women’s growth in confidence and presence in an intimate one-on-one setting was truly rewarding    According to WBC volunteer, Gina Handy, “Witnessing tears and hugs was a true testament to the sincerity of the bonds formed between the students and volunteers.  No matter our backgrounds, our stories, our inspirations, our goals are all the same.”  Volunteer Natalie Runyon said, “Watching the process of how my Grace partner translated her experience of working in customer service for 30 years and caring for her elderly mother with Alzheimer’s to earn future employment in helping women and children was truly inspiring.  

It was a spectacular day, and we look forward to growing WBC members experience and commitment with this wonderful organization.  In the words of volunteer Reena Pelly, “Having the opportunity to volunteer at the Grace Institute event is a very rewarding and memorable experience!   I hope to volunteer again next year!”