2017 WBC Technology Symposium

April 27th, 2017

Digital Disruption and the Future of Financial Services

IBM 590 Madison @57th and Madison

Sponsor Firm:



Alison Graham- Head of Sales Integration for the Promontory acquisition, New York City

* Panelists:

o Elena Kvochko-CIO, Group Security Division, Barclays Bank

o Heather McGorry- Managing Director, Global Head of Consumer and Community Banking (CCB) Know Your Customer (KYC)

o Ron Lefferts- Managing Partner, Financial Services Sector, IBM Global Business Services, North America

o S. Yousef Hashimi- VP and Partner, Cognitive & Analytics, IBM Global Business Services, Financial

o Elizabeth McCaul- Partner-in-Charge, New York Office, Promontory, an IBM Company

o Lisa Amini- Director, Cognitive Computing:Knowledge & Interaction, IBM TJ Watson Research Center, NYC


IBM in partnership with the WBC hosted a panel presentation covering the transformative power of Artificial Intelligence to augment human expertise and deliver measurable results in financial services. The panel discussed cognitive computing as well as its current and future states. The panel also discussed the impact from a regulatory perspective and how cognitive will help by reducing the burden of regulatory compliance. The presentation was followed by a networking event.