Grace Institute’s BRAG Party

November 17th, 2017

40 Rector, 14th Floor at Grace Institute office (Between West St. & Washington St.)




You are invited to the Grace Institute’s biggest event of the year–the annual Brag Party-as a volunteer. At the Brag Party, you will work alongside Grace Institute participants to master the skill of communicating with confidence. Guided by the fun, high-energy, and motivational presentation by Peggy Klaus, an internationally known speaker, author and Brag-ologist, volunteers and participants will work in pairs and groups throughout the day to address two of the most difficult “soft skills” for women to master-getting over the impostor syndrome and self-promotion. All participants gain strategies, tools, and techniques for conquering the little voice inside their head that whispers self-defeating thoughts and to learn how to toot their own horn (in the right way, of course!) about the great things they have accomplished. WBC has generously underwritten this year’s Brag Party! Come join us!

To RSVP as a volunteer for this event, please email by Wednesday, November 1st .