The WBC Career Committee’s objective is to position the WBC Scholars for a successful career in the financial services industry. To meet that goal, the Career Committee works both with the Scholars and with the Corporate Member Firms to place the Scholars in opportunities aligned with their goals, interests, and strengths. Because the Scholars are interested in a variety of different sectors within the financial services industry, the Career Committee is comprised of professional women including banking, investment management, wealth management, fintech and professional services.

 Resources & Activities

The WBC Career Committee connects Scholars with Corporate member firms and supports the Scholars in their transition from student to professional. Activities include:

Interview preparation
Resume reviews
LinkedIn profile reviews
Scholar profile distribution to Corporate Member Firms
Internship and fulltime opportunity alerts to Scholars

 Success History

100% of WBC scholars graduating college last year held an internship during college and obtained at least one fulltime offer
80% WBC scholars graduating college last year held at least one internship with a member firm during college
70% of the internship or job positions secured by WBC Scholars last year were at Corporate Member firms
65% of Corporate Member Firms have employed a WBC Scholar over the last decade

How You Can Get Involved

If you would like to hire a Scholar, join the Career Committee, or provide support in another way, please contact