Rising Star Award

Every year at the Women’s Bond Club’s premier event, the Merit Award Dinner, the Rising Star award is given to a nominee from each Corporate Member Firm.


Program Overview

The Women’s Bond Club believes that it is important to cultivate the next generation of women leaders in the financial services industry. The Club is committed to providing networking and development opportunities to aspiring women leaders on Wall Street through its Rising Star Program. The WBC’s Rising Star Award program provides:

  • Recognition of achievements and potential of emerging leaders
  • A network outside of Corporate membership to support women exhibiting strong talent
  • Leadership training to supply the tools and advice to women who have demonstrated the strength to become leaders in the financial community
  • The opportunity for Corporate membership to give back to exceptional women and help contribute to the growth of the WBC
  • Encouragement to become more active in the Club by expanding one’s network through committee involvement and attendance at WBC events

Their biographies and photos are featured in the event program and they are hosted at a special post dinner reception held in their honor.

Coaching Program

The coaching program for Rising Stars is designed to cultivate the next generation of women leaders in the financial services industry. The Women’s Bond Club retains CRA Inc. to offer team coaching to our Rising Stars. CRA is a leadership development firm that provides executive coaching to senior leaders in a variety of organizations, many of whom are in financial services. Program participants meet as a “coaching team” for one half-day session per month for six months, addressing leadership skills, relationship building, and individual development goals. Each session focuses on a particular leadership development topic based on input from the group during the previous month’s sessions. Each participant is also asked to collect feedback from their own organizations to inform the discussions. In between sessions, the participants practice incorporating two to three specific new behaviors in their daily work, helping them to develop their own leadership style.

Eligibility Criteria

The Rising Star honor is awarded to young women who:

  • Are in the early stages of their careers with 5-8 years of industry experience
  • Have already demonstrated leadership qualities
  • Are expected to be future leaders
  • Are committed to being involved in a diverse and inclusive work environment
  • Are willing to participate in an executive coaching program once a month for a half day between September and April during the work day organized by the Women’s Bond Club and delivered by an outstanding professional coach

Rising Star Video